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If you or anyone you know is looking to buy a home, sell a home or refinance…Have you heard of Homes for Heroes yet?
This is a program open to anyone who is a Teacher, Medical Worker, Firefighter, EMT, Police Officer, Active, Retired or Deployed Military!

We donate back 25% of our commission along with credits from the Mortgage Lender & Title Company towards your closing costs.
Service Deserves its Rewards
This is our way to say Thankyou to YOU for your SERVICE! For more info, message us or check out the site below!

Always in Training ~ thats what we do!! Its All About Serving Our Clients!

Mastermind Social Media Wolfeboro

We do a lot of training & learning to best serve our clients. Recently we met in the Lakes Region for a Masterminds group with agents from 4 of our Office Centers. It was awesome with lots of sharing of ideas & insights to keep us at our best with tools & technology! It was hosted at the Wolfeboro Inn/Wolfes Tavern, which was awesome in itself!

General Sullivan Bridge…..

ImageThis past fall, I took a walk over the bridge with my husband & my dog. It was pretty impressive. They have done a LOT more work, I should walk over it again! My husband has  a building back ground, and explained a lot of it to me. My friends work at Cianbro, and they are doing a GREAT job! I can’t tell if the picture shows up, but there is a sign ab

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out blowing if you fall in, and I joked with my friend & she said, it actually did happen & they were able to fish him out in 15 minutes, which actually is REALLY impressive! Every morning I drive by & see the guys all hooked in & think “glad its not me on that bridge!”

So I was able to create a slide show & I think thats cool! I wish I could get all the pictures over to it 😦  Well, this is a learning experience for sure!

I need to wrestle my camera back from my husband, there is a Canadian Goose pair down at the Store -24, that is going to have babies! They were there last year & the babies were adorable! (Store -24 is on the banks of the Bellamy River, above the mills. You will see more than you want to of these geese babies, they were som much fun last year!

Have a good night!

Karen C Mairs


(in case you have an interest in Real Estate 🙂

10 Outside Tips to Help Sell Your Home This Spring (or, my to-do list)

FYI- Slight technical difficulties today- double pictures & double links, but hey, enjoy! I started my morning at an Open House at 15 Grandview Drive in Dover NH.

Nate Dickey and Timothy C. Lindsey shared a link.


‎4 bed, 3 bath, 3,200 sq. ft. .92 acre SINGLE at 15 Grandview Drive, , in Dover, NH  03820 for sale for $375,000 – Resale/New – MLS#: 4142523 – Keller Williams Coastal Realty

It is a fairly new development, but they left lots of mature trees in the yards, very nice. Well of course, 50% of the neighbors were mowing their lawns, sweeping their driveways & tidying up around the mailbox (?). “Great “, I thought, I wasn’t really planning on yard work this weekend, there was an actual frost last night, after all!

Nate Dickey and Timothy C. Lindsey shared a link.


‎4 bed, 3 bath, 3,200 sq. ft. .92 acre SINGLE at 15 Grandview Drive, , in Dover, NH  03820 for sale for $375,000 – Resale/New – MLS#: 4142523 – Keller Williams Coastal Realty

But when I pulled in my driveway after the open house, I immediately thought “How NOT to sell your house this spring!”. ( I am not actually selling, just using my house for conversation).

So here’s my list:

1) Pick up all the branches that have dropped over the winter. Don’t throw them into a pile at the  edge of your property line. Burn them in your wood stove, fire pit, or donate them to your neighbors woodstove. Take them to your

recycling or dump or whatever your town provides. If you have WEEPING WILLOWS or APPLE TREES,

you KNOW there are 8,000,000 sticks. Don’t let your new buyer imagine having to pick them all up!

2) If there are BIG sticks, get help. Check Craigs List, sometimes people will come do it for free & take the firewood. (Check with your insurance company for that). Hire a professional tree company & make sure all of your trees are healthy & aren’t ready to crash on the new roof you just put on!

3) IF you have flower beds or any landscaping around your house, rake out those dead leaves from last year! Pick up that miscellaneous trash that has gotten caught in the bushes.  Are the bushes themselves out of control? Get them TRIMMED! Get some mulch & freshen up those beds!

4) Are there some spots you touched up on the house & need a second coat? Do you have a cellar window that your dog broke? Get it replaced! At least paint the plywood you have covering it up to match the brick ! ( I also had to replace these clapboards, because my dog ate them-not the one that eats broccoli, but a different dog who eats broccoli AND houses)5) How about your gutters? Are some sections smashed, pulling away from the house or the brackets are half hanging off? Screw them back on. Did you take a piece off to repair a spot, put it back on! Are the gutters lined up with the downspouts? Are the gutters clear of debris? Are there trees growing out of them? (not mine, but I have seen it!) When buyers walk into your house on a rainy day are they getting dripped on? When you walk into your house are YOU getting dripped on?

 6) When was  the last time you checked all of your outside lights? Do the switches work? Do the bulbs work? Is the fixture itself clean? Is it broken? Was it smashed by a swinging screen/storm door? Get it FIXED!

7) Do you have outside steps & decks covered in winter debris, or giant muddy dog prints? Get out that power washer & clean it off. Have moss & other critters growing? A light solution of bleach & some elbow grease will get it off your railings as well.

8) I didn’t take any photos, but if you have a dog or twelve, pick up their poop! Dispose of it properly. NOTHING is going to turn off a buyer more than stepping in dog-doo while walking around your now immaculate yard.

9) If you were cleaning out your boat & threw some life jackets etc into the bushes for some reason, right next to the now crisp & dead chrysanthemum pots, pick it up put it away, throw it out!

10) I don’t promise, but I feel sure that we’re not going to get measurable amounts of snow, put your snow shovels and snow blowers away! And yikes! If your Christmas & Holiday Decorations are still out (yes that dead wreath too) take them down, put them away!


I hit some button that has added duplicates of pictures, sorry- still figuring this out!


Karen C Mairs http://kmairs.kwseacoast.com  and hey, if you are moving to Arizona & not the Seacoast, I can still give you a hand, Keller Williams is INTERNATIONAL! Have a GREAT April Fools Day!

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Random acts of kindness & my dog eats broccoli?

So, I had a great dinner with some of my co-workers last night, after a luncheon with some other co-workers! I only got 2 numbers out of 3 picks for the elusive half million mega-jackpot, but I had a great night, and then….. I had an  open house scheduled today for 11, and realized I left my “Open House Book” at the office, so I raced around this morning to get my banking done, get my helium balloons at my local florist “Sweet Meadows” (where they informed me they MIGHT be out of helium) Whoops, didn’t allow time for that! But no worries, they filled them all, none popped & I headed to Portsmouth.

On my way, is when the Random act of Kindness occurred. I was going through the “cash” lane of the tollbooth, (when do I have time to pick up the e-z pass??) and I dig out a very crumpled sad looking dollar bill. The woman waves it away & says you are all set! Dumfounded, I stutter “whhhhaat?” She says “they (gesturing at the car pulling away) paid for you”. Still feeling dumfounded, I say, “well, I’ll pay for the one behind me” and then ask for my customary receipt. We both looked at each other & wondered if you can get a receipt for  a “random act of kindness”? Well she gave me one anyways, as I actually had given her the dollar bill. I can’t believe something so simple & nice just left me stuttering! Thankyou mystery driver, that was a great way to start my day! And I immediately said “This is going to be a great day!”

I hosted the open house at a beautiful home in Newmarket. The owners are fastidious & great decorators. Most IMPORTANTLY, they are ORGANIZED!  (I might not be in some aspects of my life) They have a rack for the kids back packs, they have baskets for all that junk that accumulates in the laundry room and they are “GASP” labled! They have their best china displayed  (just stacked neatly) in a book shelf, with the holiday silverware stashed in a vase (genius!). In the basement they have a giant family sized shoe rack (floor to ceiling, no lie!) that is on the way to the garage-no shoes in the house! I took pictures for inspiration! (I totally want to post them on Pinterest, but thats probably not quite right!) They had several people come through, one could be THE buyer. It IS a good day!

I had great second showing on a home with cash buyers. We will be writing an offer Monday after some clarifications. It IS a good day.  My husband made me dinner, It IS a good day!

So, this brings us to the dog & the broccoli. My dog does NOT like vegetables or fruits, no grapes, no carrots, no normal dog snacks. (potatoes don’t count, cause thats how you get gravy or better yet ketchup!) I am eating dinner after my great day (well, nothing went bad!) and I have a plate of broccoli with butter & salt. My dog is My big dog

standing there BEGGING for broccoli. Seriously? This is the dog I gave some leftover salad to once & she licked every piece of lettuce free of its dressing & every bit of vegetable & the bottom of the bowl & left every vegetable there, with no dressing. (looking almost servable!) This dog is begging for broccoli. Ok, so I put some in her bowl, GONE! More broccoli mama please! Whatever. Does she look like she eats broccoli? I think she looks like she eats people in this picture! 🙂

So hey, practice a random act of kindness, it feels really good, if not odd, to be on the receiving end!

Karen C Mairs

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Whew, what a day!

I had seven showings of  5 properties & 3 different realtors today, & then got back to the office to find out a closing had fallen through, leaving our seller/buyers homeless for the weekend. I used to run an Inn, and we had a spare room , so they have a place to live for the weekend now.

After gettting them set up, I rushed off to meet about 7 women from our office , where we ate, drank & “got techy!” We showed each other how to blog, post on CraigsList, and make QR codes etc. Such a joy to teach others and an eyeopener, when they show you how to clean up your desktop! Ugh-so mundane!

My new job at Keller Williams Coastal Realty, takes me down to Portsmouth NH. I have to drive over the General Sullivan Bridge, which often has great views, & whisps of fog etc. However, its not the place to pull over & take pictures. When I was working in South Berwick, ME,  I often pulled over & took pictures like this one. I have lots of pictures of this same scene, different seasons & different times of the day, no two alike!

I have an open house tour tommorow, I am participating in, Durham, Newmarket & Stratham, NH area 11-1. I haven’t been in the home yet, but its on Lady Slipper, which I have been to before. There are about 5 homes for sale on that street alone!

Well, I’m exhausted tonight, talk to you tomorrow!

have a great night,





Yup, I am more techy than I knew!

My work link!

ImageThis is my first blog. I have been thinking about it and talking about it for weeks now. I watched a webinar with my co-worker yesterday and —ooops! My husband just looked walked in, & asked if I was on Facebook-“no, I am Blogging” I said. “You are blogging? Who are you blogging with?” he asked. “Honey, you don’t blog with, you blog too.” “Oh”, he replied, “I don’t really know what blogging is”. Well, newsflash, honey, neither do I !

I have been on Facebook, joined Linked In, I tweet occasionally….. I can take my own pictures, upload them post on Craigs List & now I am attempting to Blog. I know I need a picture, I have a gazillion, which one? Which one? Well, I guess of me first, but I really am excited to post some of my photography- all ABSOLUTELY amateur!

I think blogging will be the diary I was never able to keep up. Now I don’t have to hide it under my bureau, away from my sister either. I probably won’t write about any crushes I have this week. I am pretty sure I won’t commentate on what whomever was wearing. There aren’t any big dances coming up that I know of …….What will I write about? Stay tuned!

My niece came to my work & took “head-shots” of a few of us yesterday. She is working on them as I type, so maybe tomorrow I will post my new picture of that!

Want to see the possum my dog  brought home? Yuck, thats what I said too, They really DO play possum, & then just slither off into the night- the possum, not my dog! Maybe I will save that until I know you better 🙂

Well, you made it this far, check in on Friday!


ps, yikes, I inserted my photo, & its giant! sorry! Oh, & my goal is to increase my Real Estate Business, so there is a link for that too, but I’m not always going to talk about that!

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