General Sullivan Bridge…..

ImageThis past fall, I took a walk over the bridge with my husband & my dog. It was pretty impressive. They have done a LOT more work, I should walk over it again! My husband has  a building back ground, and explained a lot of it to me. My friends work at Cianbro, and they are doing a GREAT job! I can’t tell if the picture shows up, but there is a sign ab

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out blowing if you fall in, and I joked with my friend & she said, it actually did happen & they were able to fish him out in 15 minutes, which actually is REALLY impressive! Every morning I drive by & see the guys all hooked in & think “glad its not me on that bridge!”

So I was able to create a slide show & I think thats cool! I wish I could get all the pictures over to it 😦  Well, this is a learning experience for sure!

I need to wrestle my camera back from my husband, there is a Canadian Goose pair down at the Store -24, that is going to have babies! They were there last year & the babies were adorable! (Store -24 is on the banks of the Bellamy River, above the mills. You will see more than you want to of these geese babies, they were som much fun last year!

Have a good night!

Karen C Mairs

(in case you have an interest in Real Estate 🙂


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