Have You Heard of Homes for Heroes? Just Ask, We’d Love to Share!

If you or anyone you know is looking to buy a home, sell a home or refinance…Have you heard of Homes for Heroes yet?
This is a program open to anyone who is a Teacher, Medical Worker, Firefighter, EMT, Police Officer, Active, Retired or Deployed Military!

We donate back 25% of our commission along with credits from the Mortgage Lender & Title Company towards your closing costs.
Service Deserves its Rewards
This is our way to say Thankyou to YOU for your SERVICE! For more info, message us or check out the site below!

Always in Training ~ thats what we do!! Its All About Serving Our Clients!

Mastermind Social Media Wolfeboro

We do a lot of training & learning to best serve our clients. Recently we met in the Lakes Region for a Masterminds group with agents from 4 of our Office Centers. It was awesome with lots of sharing of ideas & insights to keep us at our best with tools & technology! It was hosted at the Wolfeboro Inn/Wolfes Tavern, which was awesome in itself!